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Kemahiran Belajar

March 22, 2023

 Terdapat perbezaan yang besar antara guru dalam sukatan pelajaran menengah (pakar kandungan) dan pakar kemahiran belajar untuk pelajar menengah. Saya seorang pakar kemahiran belajar dan saya ingin memberikan anda 5 kaedah asas pengajian, mewajarkan dan memberikan contoh tentang cara ia boleh dicapai. Anda boleh melakukan ini, sebagai ibu bapa, jika anda mempunyai pengetahuan tentang selok-belok […]

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The Home-School-Work Environment

Very often, I hear parents tell me about how, it is so challenging to get their children to listen and obey rules set out. I think in today’s world, it’s not about raising an “obedient child” but rather raising children to understand what “freedom within limits” is all about. During this pandemic COVID-19 it has […]

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Study Skills

 There is a huge difference between a teacher in the secondary syllabus (a content expert) and a study skills expert for secondary students. I am a study skills expert and I want to provide you with 5 basic methods of study, justify and provide examples on how they can be accomplished. You can do this, […]

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Parent- teenager Relationships

In today’s society, a relationship between a parent and a teenager can be one of the most important and difficult relationships you can have. It’s an intimate one that needs both parties to do a good job of it. 

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Mental Health – Self Esteem & Confidence

Many learners with difficulties face challenges that go beyond the formal academic realm – into mental health, and self-esteem issues. They find themselves demoralized by the constant negative feedback obtained from teachers, parents and even from peers. Learners who face difficulties are often alienated by peers their own age for being different.

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