Early Childhood Enrichment programme

The Rafelsia Early Childhood Enrichment programme is the latest addition to the range of specialized educational services offered by the Rafelsia family.


Choosing a playgroup is a decision that is as important as deciding on a preschool for your children. Enrolling in the correct playgroup will significantly help your child to actively develop essential social skills, gain independence and build self-confidence.

Through the TRECE, our playgroups provide children with a nurturing, homelike environment within which they are guided through a variety of age appropriate themed activities in addition to time set aside specifically for free play.

One of the greatest advantages our playgroup children enjoy is the keen interest from Sri Rafelsia’s principal learning therapist. As the Head of School, Rosh Vettiveloo takes pleasure in getting to know all of our playgroup children, and she is always available to provide encouragement, offer congratulations on an achievement or even a simple hug. Her personal mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of all children at Sri Rafelsia.

Launched in the second half of 2009, The Rafelsia Early Childhood Enrichment (TRECE) programme serves as a niche avenue for young learners to gain skills and strategies that will not only transform them into being effective learners but also will tap on and maximise each learner's potential. Through the Rafelsia approach, we will identify and guide systematically and sequentially each learner's talents and our whollistic approach to education leaves no room for learners to be left behind. 

We enhance IQs though our specially developed cognitive and creative skills training programme. Our scientific teaching methods emphasise the importance of combining theories of the mind, brain and education, creating a unique new form of education which is grounded in the latest research findings. We do not believe in single technique usage in teaching. Our dynamic team, comprises guides who are flexible in their approach to education and believe that it is best to combine a variety of educational and psychological methods in order to obtain the highest level of results from each learner. A combination of direct instruction, explicit teaching, scaffolding and group work principles are combined in our method of delivery so that our learners remain engaged and are constantly gaining positive input from the environment.
Like all our other programmes, the TRECE offers a unique 1-3 teacher-student ratio so that the child experiences a closer to home-feel even while at school. This two hour per day programme is run 4 times per week from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm. It provides mums with a wonderful opportunity to get a short time-out during the day by indulging in a facial or manicure, or simply catching up for a quick coffee with a friend.